Awesome Next.js #1

Andreas Keller / December 17, 2020

1 min read

Welcome to the first ever Awesome Next.js Newsletter!

​ Last Saturday I launched Awesome Next.js on Twitter and I got some nice feedback.

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In this newsletter we look back on what was happening in Next.js this week and I share the most popular articles and videos.

React 2025 now available for free

React 2025

​Lee Robinson shared yesterday that his course React 2025 is now available for free. This course will show the journey from zero lines of code to production for a real SaaS app. It covers:

  • Next.js / React
  • Firebase
  • Stripe / Vercel
  • 15+ hours of content

I bought the course in August and can definitly recommend checking it out, especially now that it's free.

Colby Fayock

Next.js GraphQL Tutorial with Apollo Client

One awesome Content Creator recording tutorials on Next.js is Colby Fayock. His Next.js Tutorials playlist on YouTube has really great short and concise videos.

Find more awesome Next.js videos and articles on Awesome Next.js.​​

See you next week!


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