Awesome Next.js #2

Andreas Keller / December 24, 2020

2 min read

Welcome to the second issue of the Awesome Next.js newsletter!

What a week before the holidays and wrapping up this crazy year.

​Vercel, the company behind Next.js, announced a $40M Series B round to build the next web. Guillermo Rauch, founder of Vercel, wrote an interesting post about their frontend focus.

Vercel also open sourced the Virtual Event Starter Kit, the Next.js app built to run Next.js Conf. This is the second starter kit Vercel released after Next.js Commerce. Lots of interesting nuggets to find when digging through the source code.

The React team made a big announcement this week as well. They introduced zero-bundle-size React Server components. React Server components are still in research and development, but they collaborate with the Next.js team and React Server components will be integrated into Next.js. Also see this detailed Twitter thread discussing what React Server Components will mean for the ecosystem and frameworks like Next.js. ​

Community videos and articles

Quite a few videos have been released recently about the new Next.js 10 image component by Lee Robinson, James Quick and Leigh Halliday.

​Lee Robinson also released a short tutorial on how Internationalization (I18n) works with Next.js. I'm stoked Next.js has now built-in support for internationalized routing coming from Switzerland, a country with four language regions: German, French, Italian and Romansh.

​James Perkins teaches you how to test your Next.js app with Cypress in his newest video.

And Cassidy Williams blogged daily in December on the Netlify blog. Many of the articles are about Next.js, including this fun video on how to prank people with Next.js.

Find more awesome Next.js videos and articles on Awesome Next.js.​​

As this is only the second issue I'm still experimenting. What do you think about these text-only links?

Merry Christmas, Andreas

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