Awesome Next.js #5

Andreas Keller / January 14, 2021

3 min read

Not many new Next.js resources were released this past week, so I thought I could highlight an awesome open source Next.js project I'm following: is a learning plattform with video tutorials for badass web developers. They are known for their information dense videos about the best JavaScript tools and frameworks from industry pros. They are also handling the tech behind Kent C. Dodds massive courses Testing JavaScript and Epic React.

For the past 7 years was built on top of Rails. But since July 2020 they are building a new frontend with Next.js in the open (Github repo). They have come a long way since starting the rewrite and are currently Beta Testing the new site.


Recently at Next.js Conf Joel Hooks gave a talk why they chose Next.js and how it's going:

Why Next.js is Great for Egghead-io - Joel Hooks

The next-egghead repo is a treasure trove to gain insights on how to build a production app with Next.js, TypeScript, Tailwind, GraphQL, Stripe and MDX among many other exciting technologies. Joel Hooks also released a next-typescript-tailwind-mdx-starter if you want to spin up a project with similar technologies to egghead-next.

Next.js resources on

There are quite some great courses and lessons on about Next.js.

They also have tons of great React courses like this free Beginner's Guide to React by Kent C. Dodds.

For $150 per year you get access to all the premium courses and content on I've been a customer since 4 years.

If you want to learn more about the backstory of I can highly recommend this interview with Joel Hooks on the Indie Hackers podcast.

Other Next.js resources this past week

Colby Fayock released a short tutorial on how to use CSS Modules with Sass in Next.js and Alex Patterson talked with Guillermo Rauch about Next.js 10 and Vercel. Including plans for 2021.

James Perkins was livestreaming on Twitch yesterday rebuilding his site with Next.js and Sanity. And Colby Fayock will be streaming today together with Kevin Cunningham about how to source headless Wordpress content into a Next.js project Thursday Jan 14th at 1pm EST (7pm CET).

As I will be skiing with my family next week I will send the next newsletter in two weeks.

Until then have an awesome time, Andreas

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