Awesome Next.js #7

Andreas Keller / February 04, 2021

2 min read

Welcome to this weeks new videos and articles!

Quiz Crash Course with Next.js and

Quiz Crash Course with Next.js and

James Perkins shows us in this 2h long crash course how to build a Quiz app using Next.js with Nhost. Nhost provides you a complete backend in seconds with PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Hasura, Authentication, Storage and Serverless Functions. Looks like a great backend option!

Next.js Drum Pads with Typescript

Next.js Drum Pads with Typescript

Learn how to make drum pads with this video from Thomas Weibenfalk using Next.js with Typescript and Styled Components.

Charging Money with Stripe in Next.js in 15 Minutes

Charging Money with Stripe in Next.js in 15 Minutes

Jonathan Steele released next-stripe to simplify server-side Stripe workflows in Next.js and Leigh Halliday already teaches us how to use next-stripe to charge money in 15 minutes.

Sitemap Generation in Next.js

Scott Spence and James Weis found a great way to generate a sitemap by using getServerSideProps on a page file that is called sitemap.xml.js and setting the headers to text/xml. Read more in this article.

Building Forms with Next.js

Lee Robinson wrote a guide on how to build a performant, accessible form with Next.js while teaching the best practices for HTML & React forms along the way.

Advanced React & GraphQL: totally updated and re-recorded

Advanced React & GraphQL

Wes Bos updated and re-recorded his Advanced React & GraphQL course. Learn how to build a fullstack online store with Next.js, GraphQL, Apollo Client 3 and the Keystone Headless CMS. It's a free update to everyone who has bought the course already (Like me 😀). If you'd like to grab the course yet, it's currently on sale.

If you use the link above I'll earn a small commission for referring you. I bought this and other courses from Wes Bos. He's a great teacher and I can highly recommend checking it out.

That's it for this week. Find more awesome Next.js videos and articles on Awesome Next.js.​​

Have a great week! Andreas

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