January 9th, 2020
We're excited to announce the new Next.js documentation, with new content, search, API reference and more.
January 6th, 2020
Next.js 9.1.7 improves upon a solid foundation, improving the enterprise-ready 9.1 release-channel. Upgrade for smaller client-side JavaScript bundles, redesigned CLI output, faster FCP/TTI, and more!
December 28th, 2019
Learn how to build static and server-rendered applications with Next.js and React.
December 6th, 2019
Rebuilding my self-hosted blog with Next.js and Ghost as a headless CMS.
October 7th, 2019
Next.js 9.1 leverages convention to support more project structures by default. Additionally, we're previewing new feature support such as CSS imports, advanced bundling, and static error pages.
September 30th, 2019
Next.js 9.0 was released approximately two months ago. Since then, we’ve been busy with 7 smaller but quite important releases. Let’s dive into what these releases have brought to your websites and applications, with absolutely no breaking changes.
September 17th, 2019
I've been testing several React animation libraries and Framer Motion made the highest impression on me. In this post we'll explore how to use Framer Motion to animate Next.js page transitions.
September 9th, 2019
How to implement nested and dynamic layouts is a question that comes up often in the Next.js community. In this post, we'll explore how to create a Next.js app with one global layout and multiple (dynamic) sub-layouts for different sections of the website.
July 9th, 2019
Next.js 9 has been released yesterday with some amazing new features. In this post we'll create a simple RSS feed reader to explore how to use the new file system based dynamic routing and API routes.

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